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My terminal experience. I’m using Iosevka as my font and sonokai (default) as my theme.

UPDATE: I packaged some useful LSP functions (add all missing imports, rename file and update imports) into a plugin. If you’re a TypeScript developer using Neovim’s built-in LSP client, check it out:


I’ve written before about Vim’s advantages versus other, more popular editors like VS Code. For TypeScript developers, VS Code is the gold standard, but with some work, it’s possible to set up Neovim’s built-in LSP client and enjoy the same features VS Code offers.

I’ve seen other articles about setting up the built-in LSP client, but none specifically about TypeScript…

Newer isn’t always better

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is the current undisputed king of code editors. A whopping 50.7% of developers who responded to the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey listed VS Code as their editor of choice.

But keep reading the survey and go down a few ranks to #5 and you’ll see Vim, the text editor developers love to hate, at 25.4%. (Cue the wq jokes about how 20% of those developers just don't know how to exit the program.) …

Photo by Nhu Nguyen on Unsplash

Update (10/2020): I’ve updated the section on Vimari with information from its latest update. It now supports basic customization and is closer to feature parity with Vimium C, though it’s still hobbled by Safari’s strict restrictions on extensions.

Mice suck. Okay, let’s be fair: mice are great for tasks that demand pinpoint precision, like photo editing and shooting guys in the head in Counter-Strike. But many common tasks are best handled without one.

Users of Vim, the text editor developers love to hate, know what I’m talking about. Switching between the mouse and keyboard is slow, much slower than keeping…

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